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Management Information Systems Association (MISA)

MISA is a student-led organization at the Telfer School of Management specializing in the academic, professional, and social development of MIS students. Through collaborative networking events and exclusive social nights, MISA promotes the study and growth of information systems in every business sector while also representing the students who hope to soon approach this industry as confident professionals.

  • Our Mission

    MISA fosters an environment where students feel empowered to succeed in the professional world while also establishing important connections with not only their fellow members, but also with professionals within the business and technology industry. Since the foundation of this club, our mandate has always focused on delivering high academic development, professional growth, and employment opportunities for students pursuing careers in the growing technological workforce.

  • Academic

    MISA enriches the academic excellence of Telfer students, specifically those who study MIS, by facilitating their relationships with professors and other faculty members. The Association also commits to increasing enrollment numbers to the new MISA program at Telfer by promoting the benefits of studying MIS at the university level.

  • Professional

    Through intensive programs and collaborative networking events, MISA gives Telfer students the necessary opportunities to connect with experts in the MIS industry. In return, business and technology companies have access to the top MIS students at Telfer who are ready to enter the workforce.

  • Social Development

    MISA offers exclusive social nights that reaches out to our members and allows them to meet, connect and develop student networks in a casual environment. These social nights strive to bring value to the educational experience of MISA members that goes beyond their academic and professional careers.


  • Jackson Hines
    Jackson Hines Director of Sponsorship
  • Cameron Robertson-Gillis
    Cameron Robertson-Gillis VP External
  • Melanie Lock Son
    Melanie Lock Son VP Finance
  • Hillary Zabarsky
    Hillary Zabarsky VP Internal
  • Shima Bondok
    Shima Bondok Director Marketing
  • Vivian Dupuis
    Vivian Dupuis Director of Events
  • Justin Abraham
    Justin Abraham Coprésident
  • Sekou Dabo
    Sekou Dabo Director of Technologies and Francophone Affairs
  • Emily Jiawei Chen
    Emily Jiawei Chen Director of Events
  • Noah De Abreu
    Noah De Abreu VP Events
  • Ali Siddiqui
    Ali Siddiqui VP Marketing
  • Steven Hayes
    Steven Hayes Co-president
  • Jessica Zhang
    Jessica Zhang VP Logistics

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Our Events

101 Week

MISA will look to be hosting table hours during frosh week where MISA will provide information to incoming students, as well as try to recruit exciting new members looking to develop their Management Information Systems and Analytics network.

Social Night

MISA looks to host social nights at various locations in Ottawa. Our social nights hope to foster and build long-lasting relationships among the different members, non-members, and executives at the University. MISA social nights will prove to be a fun time, where the students can take a break from school and get to know their peers on a more personal level!

MISA Connects

MISA is happy to present one of our two flagship events of the year in MISA Connects I! This year, MISA Connects I, consisted of a speaker panel and light networking with experienced and highly qualified professionals from the data analytics industry. MISA Connects I, featured professionals from KPMG, EY, and Klipfolio to the panel.. This event was a great way to introduce yourselves to some of the leaders in the MIS industry!

The event was held on the evening of Tuesday, November 6, 2018 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm in Desmarais 4101.

Desjardins – Lunch & Learn

Desjardins Lunch & Learn featured a speaker from Desjardins that spoke about their hiring practices and about AI. It was on November 16th from 1 – 2:30 which took place in DMS 4120. There was FREE FOOD and a networking portion from 2 – 2:30, providing an opportunity to land a job with Desjardins!

MISA Connects II

MISA Connects 2 is a traditional that takes place during the winter of every year. This is where MISA brings in various employers in the Management Information Systems and Analytics field to come for an intimate networking event with the students. During the event the students are put into small groups and are rotated from the various employers that are brought in and following the group session is a period for free networking between the students and the employers. MISA brings in companies such as KPMG, EY, PageCloud, and more to the panel.

Klipfolio Office Event

MISA Presents: Office Tour & Lunch with Klipfolio



Thursday, March 7 ( 11:30am – 1:30pm)


111 Albert Street, Suite 300 (Klipfolio Office) [above the food court]

Dress Code – Casual

Cost – FREE


11:30am – 11:45am: Welcome + Office Tour

11:45am – 1:20pm: Lunch + Group Session

Neal Stansby (Director of BizOps)

Keely Davidson (Director of Support)

Zach Kathnelson (Director of Growth)


Hackathon – Coding Workshop

This event aims to introduce vital skills to students moving towards the IT field and management information system

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