Management Information Systems Association (MISA)

What is MISA?

  • Our Mission

    MISA is a student-led organization at the Telfer School of Management specializing in the academic, professional, and social development of MIS students. Through collaborative networking events and exclusive social nights, MISA promotes the study and growth of information systems in every business sector. MISA fosters an environment that empowers students to succeed in the corporate world and ensures lasting connections among our members as well as professionals within the business and technology industry.

  • Academic

    MISA enriches the academic excellence of Telfer students, specifically those who study MIS, by facilitating their relationships with professors and other faculty members. The Association also commits to increasing enrollment numbers to the new MISA program at Telfer by promoting the benefits of studying MIS at the university level.

  • Professional

    Through intensive programs and collaborative networking events, MISA gives Telfer students the necessary opportunities to connect with experts in the MIS industry. In return, business and technology companies have access to the top MIS students at Telfer who are ready to enter the workforce.

  • Social Development

    MISA offers exclusive social nights that reaches out to our members and allows them to meet, connect and develop student networks in a casual environment. These social nights strive to bring value to the educational experience of MISA members that goes beyond their academic and professional careers.


  • Braden Finnigan
    Braden Finnigan President
  • Phoemae Maquiling
    Phoemae Maquiling Senior Vice President
  • Alex Engineer
    Alex Engineer Vice President External
  • Michèle Marchand
    Michèle Marchand Vice President Internal
  • Jason Luo
    Jason Luo Vice President of Finance
  • May Ning
    May Ning Vice President of Marketing
  • Phillips Ta
    Phillips Ta Vice President of Events
  • Amaresh Parameswaran
    Amaresh Parameswaran Director of Sponsorship
  • Sriteja Srivatsavai
    Sriteja Srivatsavai Director of Sponsorship
  • Harvin Jassal
    Harvin Jassal Director of Logistics
  • Amanda Fong
    Amanda Fong Director of Marketing
  • Erhardt Jansen van Rensburg
    Erhardt Jansen van Rensburg Speaker Series Chair
  • Jill Chamberlain
    Jill Chamberlain MISA Connects Chair

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Our Events

Social Night

MISA’s first social night of the year took place at the Loft in September, and the turnout was impressive!

MISA Connects

MISA Connects was a small scale networking event that hosted Telfer Professors and company representatives from IBM, PeopleInsight, and Pythian at the Albion Rooms in October.

MISA Connects II

MISA Connects II will be taking place on March 27th at Desmarais. There will be recruiters from companies like Shopify, Brookfield, and PageCloud, which is perfect if you’re still looking for a summer internship. Food and drink provided!

Member Appreciation

Our second social night of the year will really focus on our members and MISA Alumni in March.

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